On the one hand, this involves increasing distribution volume and promoting the brand are the primary objectives of an advertising strategy. And on the other, it’s about making effective use of financial resources on promotional activity.
 The advertising strategy describes how a company is going to meet its pre-defined goals and what effect it will have on the consumer.

There are two principle methods for strategic advertising management:

  • Market approach, whereby promotional activities are determined by the sales markets, with a particular focus placed on positioning of goods in relation to those of competitors.
  • Marketing approach, whereby product distribution is dictated by advertiser market behaviour, which in turn reflects marketing and advertising strategies under which the company operates. Based on this approach, the product and advertising it become the two most important facets of a company’s marketing activity.

The following factors should be taken into account before choosing a marketing strategy:

  • the specific product category and the product itself
  • opportunities for highlighting the product and its key features to consumers
  • competitor promotional activity
  • target audience mood
  • promotional messaging strategy
  • choice of channels for promotional activity

NSA specialists are on hand to help you formulate an effective promotional strategy in line with your budget, excluding any advertising media in which a competitor holds a dominant position. Instead, we look at media in which your company can occupy a leading position.