Informational audit, tailored to your company.

An informational audit constitutes the foundation for decision-making and budget allocation for maintaining the company’s image in the short term. In the research process, themes around which the company’s public image will be developed are chosen along with key personalities. The audit comprises a review of the information put out on mass media in different formats and on different levels. During the research, the themes with the greatest potential for boosting the company’s image in the public domain are analysed along with those that pose the greatest threat to it, with recommendations provided on ways of generating good PR for the company.

Reputational risk audit

An audit of reputational risks constitutes the basic instrument for preventing crises in the public sphere and minimizing potential image risks. It includes a study and analysis of company activity and interests which could have negative implications within the public sphere. During the course of the analysis, a list of reputational risks segmented by risk source is compiled, in addition to which recommendations for protection and prevention of negative scenarios are also provided.

Comprehensive reputational audit

A comprehensive reputational audit constitutes the foundation for formulating and amending strategies and tactics for a company’s public positioning. It includes a comparative analysis of a company’s public activity and its key competitors within the area corresponding to the informational audit, reputational risks, misconceptions of the company’s image held by representatives of key external and internal target audiences.