The success of a modern-day organisation is largely dependent on the quality of strategic planning and management. Developing a functional, commercial strategy is a key condition for devising effective, strategic planning.

Developing a commercial strategy includes:

  • coming up with product range and brand portfolio policies
  • sales and distribution policies
  • strategic sales plans
  • developing company marketing strategies and policies
  • strategic marketing plans
  • creating an optimal and effective organisational structure for implementing commercial strategies
  • an incentive scheme for company employees, aimed at implementing the new strategy and developing key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • developing an implementation schedule for the commercial strategy

Not only do NSA specialists formulate commercial strategies and distribution schemes, they are also able to help with the creation of a structured affiliate and dealer network, establishing their status, structure, geography, aims and tasks.

Over the course of the process the following are defined:

  • priority distribution channels for different product groups/ territories
  • the typology of target customers
  • operational policies for distribution channels
  • company pricing policy and price setting according to the relevant channels
  • company credit policy.