No one business automation system will be able to solve all your issues if you don’t devote sufficient attention to ensuring your business’s IT infrastructure is sufficiently up-to-date. The first step of the process entails carrying out a full IT audit in order to identify potential issues and safety threats. A report featuring recommendations for updating the computer systems tailored to your budgetary requirements will be drawn up following the results of the IT audit.

Where required, we update or replace outdated structured cable networks, offering you a selection of out-of-the-box solutions from several trusted providers. We are also able to implement various solutions based on Ewclid® ParsecNET system. This system enables you to implement video surveillance and audio control, manage internal lighting and access control devices. The system can be adapted for use in banks, shopping centres, offices, country houses, etc.

To update your office telecommunications systems, you can install the IP-ATC “AGAT UX” system. IP-ATC can help lower expenditure on inter-regional and international calls through native IP-telephone support, which is significantly cheaper than conventional phone calls. Using “AGAT UX” you can create a fully-fledged call centre, integrating with the various “1C” system-based solutions.