The ability to stay ahead of the curve and continuously update the product range form the basis of the business’s competitiveness. This requirement is conditioned by the product life cycle, which just like changing consumer requirements, should be monitored. New products may vary in terms of make-up and manufacturing:

  • a revolutionary new product
  • new product for the manufacturer
  • improved product for the next generation
  • rebranding of an existing product

The development process and introducing a new product onto the Russian market poses a unique set of challenges:

  • tighter deadlines
  • based on western models (often a copy of them)
  • mass import substitution
  • priority consumer product in the design phase

Our specialists tailor the design and market launch of a new product taking into account all the aforementioned factors, examining all the separate phases in the design stage and coming up with a tailored market launch strategy. A tried-and-tested approach to developing new products ensures the elimination of all risks before a product launches on the market and avoids any excess spending on evaluating new design concepts at different stages of development.