Digital production covers many areas. It’s both web design, programming and mobile apps. NSA specialists have a wealth of experience in digital production and can help you tackle any issue when it comes to building your website or app.

In developing a website or creating an app, out-of-the-box CMS or cloud programming may be used. This significantly lowers the price of the website design in comparison with building a site or programming an app from scratch. One of the neatest solutions is “1C-Bitrix: Website Management”. The licence on this product allows for hybrid technology-based mobile apps to be developed, which is much simpler than traditional app creation.ctive certain solutions can be at tackling particular issues, and what can be done to increase ROI through using them.

Mobile technologies capture growing numbers of visitors thanks to their convenience and efficiency when it comes to carrying out various tasks, with the help of portable smart devices, connected to the internet.

NSA specialists are on hand to offer you a series of effective solutions for electronic document management using mobile devices. Similar solutions enable you to access company documentation at any time and in any location, such as on business trips.

There are also special solutions, designed to improve security when using corporate mobile devices, which can be implemented in conjunction with electronic document management systems. Get in touch to see how we could provide you with a similar centralised management system.

Approximately 80% of internet users have accounts on different social networks and use them actively. Therefore, social networks are an important channel for any company wishing to connect with their target audience.

A social media audit can help you establish how you can harness social media for growing your business. Before a company establishes itself on a social network, it’s worth looking into how its key competitors use social media.

Using social media can help to boost the company’s brand image, reinforcing the positives and neutralising the negatives. Take advantage of this service to have NSA specialists help you promote your products on social media. Your pages and groups will benefit from constant assistance from our team according to the established content plan.

There are two options to getting an internet project off the ground. In the first case, you invest the majority of your funds into SEO and will soon start to see a sustainable increase in target visitors, coming from organic search. In the second case, the majority of funds are allocated to online advertising, which leads to a spike in site visits, while you campaign is active. The most effective online ads are contextual links, which are displayed to users in search engines when they type in a particular request.

Both approaches can also be combined. However, it needs to be understood that the SEO budget should be fairly sizeable, in so far as this approach requires the input of a large number of specialists.

To ensure you’re getting the best ROI for your website or paid app, they should be user-friendly and bug-free.

NSA specialists carry out a full website audit or app analysis, evaluating them immediately through several parameters.

  • A technical audit can help to identify any coding errors and ways of correcting them.
  • A conversion audit will show how much your app or website satisfies your target audience’s requirements.
  • Usability analysis allows you to take steps to improve your site or apps’ usability.
  • An SEO audit can be a good starting point for boosting your website’s position in search rankings.

The website or app analysis carried out can show just how effe