Using cloud technologies enables you to save money on equipping separate departments through moving key software and hardware computing systems to the cloud: onto a server which can be physically located on site at your organisation’s premises.

In recent times there has been a rise in the number of SaaS services (software as a service), which enable you to use cutting-edge, expensive software programmes as part of a rental service. Programmes can be accessed online via the internet. Moreover, there’s no need to shell out for expensive software licences. In addition, we can help you create a fully-fledged virtual workplace for your employees who work remotely.

The company’s electronic workflow can be moved to the cloud. This type of solution can be devised using DirectumRX. “Cloud” workflow management can speed up employee interaction and ensure transparency of business processes.

No one business automation system will be able to solve all your issues if you don’t devote sufficient attention to ensuring your business’s IT infrastructure is sufficiently up-to-date. The first step of the process entails carrying out a full IT audit in order to identify potential issues and safety threats. A report featuring recommendations for updating the computer systems tailored to your budgetary requirements will be drawn up following the results of the IT audit.

Where required, we update or replace outdated structured cable networks, offering you a selection of out-of-the-box solutions from several trusted providers. We are also able to implement various solutions based on Ewclid® ParsecNET system. This system enables you to implement video surveillance and audio control, manage internal lighting and access control devices. The system can be adapted for use in banks, shopping centres, offices, country houses, etc.

To update your office telecommunications systems, you can install the IP-ATC “AGAT UX” system. IP-ATC can help lower expenditure on inter-regional and international calls through native IP-telephone support, which is significantly cheaper than conventional phone calls. Using “AGAT UX” you can create a fully-fledged call centre, integrating with the various “1C” system-based solutions.

For companies ahead of the curve, automation of business processes creates a tangible competitive advantage and improves operational productivity. NSA specialists can provide consultations focused around implementation of various platforms, which enable automation of industry-specific business processes.

We offer you dozens of different electronic documentation management systems to choose from, amongst which is the modular system DIRECTUM, specifically adapted to tackle a whole range of business tasks. If the task of choosing a concrete DMS all seems a little overwhelming, we can analyse your company’s workflow, and on the basis of the analysis carried out we can come up with a solution to suit you and your budget.

Special attention is also given to solutions designed by “1C”. “1C” “Document Management”, “1С: Enterprise” etc. enable effective automisation of business tasks within enterprises across different industries. In addition, using the “1C-Bitrix: Corporate Portal” you can create a company intranet, which can be equipped with operational management functionality for managers. Leave “1C” installation and support to the NSA specialists. These products are fully compliant with the requirements of the current Russian Federation legislation concerning implementation of document management systems in various types of business.

We offer senior executives and middle managers effective solutions for mobile device campaign management (for example, iOS or Android tablets). The advantages of this solution cannot be underestimated! You’ll have access at all times to up-to-date information right from your device, which will facilitate management decisions, which you usually make independently from several touch points. Using this system you don’t just get internal data on company operational efficiency, it also allows you to track individual blog and publication reach and impact, in relation to your company’s active interests.

Modern CRM systems enable automation of counter agent relationships. Here, there is also a wide choice of solutions. There are over 50 different systems, and we’ll help you select the one that’s right for you and your business. Moreover, we take into account integration of business system users, an accessible user interface as well as installation costs and the ability to tweak the system according to your specific user requirements.