Independent assessment of your company’s activity can help to identify any oversights or accounting errors and provide company management with detailed information on the state of affairs. In several organisations, for example, those that have floated on the stock market, auditing should take place on a regular basis – a minimum of once a year. Furthermore, the audit can be carried out on the company management’s insistence, if the head of the company is having doubts about the competence of one or another member of personnel.

In their capacity as professional auditors, NSA specialists defend client interests, guarantee full confidentiality and are deemed responsible for the audit results no matter the scale of contracted services. To ensure you have a full, accurate, and up-to-date picture of company affairs you can take advantage of our full range of accounting services. Asides from regular accounting, this includes periodical information on all changes to legislation and new provisions, concerning your business sphere.

NSA lawyers help to defend your interests in court and provide advice on any legal issue, they help to correctly draw up agreements, contracts and other important documentation. Lots of legal issues, including neglected cases, can be successfully resolved with the help of an experienced legal professional. A good lawyer will be clued-up on all the details and circumstances of the case. Before lodging proceedings with the courts, a diligent legal counsel will work with witnesses and compile an evidence base, assessing all protocols.

The outcome is all down to the lawyer’s ability to pick out the relevant details and provide a sound defence of your position to the court.

You can issue a power of attorney so that NSA lawyers can act on your behalf in any legal matters. Where you have granted the relevant representatives power of attorney, your presence in court is not required. You can rest assured that your case is in safe hands, and meanwhile, you can go about your usual business. It’s really convenient, particularly if you’re worried that a heated legal dispute is taking a toll on your health.

Business registration requires scrupulous preparation of documentation and a detail-oriented approach. The registration authority can refuse your application if they find even the smallest inconsistency in the supplied documents. In order to save time and nerves, why not leave it to NSA specialists?

In the five-day period following submission of your application, you will receive a complete set of documents, which includes an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, proof of state registration and verified copies of the constituent documents. As well as registering with the Federal Tax Authority, registration of extra-budgetary funds and with state statistical authorities is also carried out. Where required, the registered office address is provided and a bank account is opened.

With our assistance, any kind of business can be registered, regardless of their organisational or legal form: independent business, joint stock company, limited liability company etc.

Obtaining a licence is a necessary stage, which for many firms signals the beginning of business operations, covered by licensing terms. In order to obtain a licence the firm must provide evidence that it complies with industry norms and standards. Getting a licence, is a long, arduous process, the successful obtaining of which is best left to the professionals. Our specialists are on hand to help with obtaining any type of licence. By leaving it to the professionals, you’ll save time and ensure all documentation is drawn up correctly.

A correctly drawn-up patent will help you to resolve any intellectual property-related issues with ease, and successfully defend your rights in court. NSA specialists will help you to draw up trademark patents, invention applications, useful models or industry samples. Once you have obtained your patent, you can compete in various tenders and auctions, without fear of intellectual property theft.