Optimum pricing enables a company to obtain a guaranteed profit where goods are widely available to consumers. Changing market conditions require that prices be adjusted constantly. Where price correcting is based on current market research, this enables a company to maintain a competitive advantage, in spite of the fluctuations in market conditions.

Choosing an adequate pricing policy comes down to the specificities of the industry, market conditions, and product type. This type of sales takes two forms: to the end user (B2C) or to business (B2B).

NSA specialists help to determine effective pricing strategies in accordance with the current market situation. Adhering to our recommendations enables companies to get one step ahead of the competition and harness long-term growth potential.

Achieving a healthy sales record is only possible if the right distribution channels are selected. Relevant market research can help to determine the following:

  • market structure and traditional distribution channels
  • the most promising and widespread channels
  • effectiveness of each distribution channel

As a result of the research, recommendations will be issued for using new distribution channels. For new market players, recommendations will also be issued on optimal distribution channels. For every distribution channel used, an optimum reseller cooperation scheme will be determined.

Making use of the recommendations enables an effective product distribution scheme to be developed and any setbacks to be minimised as regards products reaching end users.

Brand diversification within a company enables risks to be minimised when launching new product types, aimed towards resource distribution and eventually increasing profits. However, this is possible only with proper brand portfolio management, where there is no ‘cannibalism’ – is cases of one brand getting eaten up by another – and where each brand succeeds in attracting one or another target audience.

NSA specialists conduct a portfolio analysis of all your company’s brands, which enables precise brand building recommendations to be made with the aim of overtaking competitors and optimising spending on promotion of goods or services. Depending on the market situation and the particular features of the goods or services which are being promoted, one or another brand portfolio building scheme will be chosen, whereby each separate brand is used to attract a particular target audience, building the overall company image and enhancing its competitive edge.

Market analysis provides the necessary information for key strategic decision-making concerning business development and promotion of new brands. This kind of research is worth carrying out in the event that a company is just beginning to establish itself, is launching a new product onto the market or wanting to expand into a new market.

During the course of the analysis, new market trends are identified as well as the level of demand for the product or service in question, the market development capacity and dynamic are evaluated, the price situation and level of competition are studied, in addition to which consumer perceptions of the product’s USP are also analysed.

The analysis conducted will enable recommendations to be formulated for implementing one or another strategy for launching on a new market, promoting products or services and developing the business as a whole.